As some of you (or maybe all of you) know – The Arbour Lake Community Association has been operating with the same core executive members for many years. Due to our own family and personal commitments, much of the board, including most of the executive, will not be continuing with the ALCA into 2023.  There are some board members willing to stay on the board as Directors at Large, but not in executive positions.

We require approximately 12 roles to be filled in to continue a healthy and involved Community Association. 

To maintain as much of our current funding as possible for a new board, we will be suspending all 2022 activities, except the Parade of Garage Sales.

Positions and responsibilities needing to be filled for the ALCA to continue:

Number of People RequiredPositionResponsibility
2President and Vice President
Regular board meetings are held once per month from September to June.
-Oversee ALCA operations Prepare Agenda and Chair the meetings-Confirms compliance with bylaws and insurance needs as required-Annual filing with the Societies Act-Annual filing with the Federation of Calgary Communities-currently monitoring the incoming emails and responding as required-currently overseeing amendments to bylaws are registered-currently the liaison with SoccerTech and books the soccer fields annually through the City of Calgary
Minimum 1, recommend a backupTreasurer-Complete the Annual Financial reports for the AGM-Help prepare annual budget-Reconcile bank statements -Issue cheques-Annual CRA filing
1Secretary-Records/distributes the meeting minutes and keeps records-Help prepare the agenda
1Development (this position will be filled by an existing member)-Receives, reviews, and responds to development permit notices from the City of Calgary
Minimum 1, recommend 2-3 with database/web experience.Website/social media person(we do have one volunteer who currently monitors our social media accounts)-Our website contract runs until 2025 and includes support, but we do our own editing and posting.  The website operates in WordPress and has an integrated membership database.
Minimum 1 leader. Recommend 2-3 as grants are often very time sensitive and project specificDedicated Fundraisers and Grant OrganizersA person who can research and apply for various grants, casinos, raffles, etc
Recommend 5Directors at Large and Volunteers for programs, events and committees, ex. Crime watch, dedicated sports director, community clean-up. Organize, implement, and volunteer for activities that will add value to the community!

What does the Community Association do?

If you are considering creating a new board here are some questions you may have:

1. What supports will we have?

The Community Association pays an annual fee to be a member of the Federation of Calgary Communities. This fee includes courses and assistance in all areas of running a community association.  We also have a designated City of Calgary representative (NPC) who can assist with building a new board.

2. What is the time commitment?

Our 3 most active members spend on average 12 hours per month each on ALCA activities.  The hours increase in spring and early summer when we traditionally hold our clean-up, parade of garage sales, and soccer wind-up.  With a declining membership, a greater time commitment is likely necessary for fundraising activities and raising awareness of the Community Association.

3. What is the ALCA’s funding position?

The ALCA has enough cash on hand to cover basic operating expenses to the end of 2023. This would not include any budget for activities or advertising.  Additional funding would need to be raised through memberships, grants, and fundraisers.  Most of our funding currently comes from memberships purchased through soccer registrations, which only covers about 1/3 of the fixed expenses.

4. Why didn’t you advertise more?

Since we do not have any physical land, our advertising options are limited.

Bold signs: All bold sign rentals require a City of Calgary permit and are limited in where they can be placed.  Renting bold signs would have easily doubled our annual expenses.  We have requested permission in the past to have a permanent location allowed to us so we could purchase our own sign, but we were met with resistance from the City of Calgary. 

Publications: Prior to the pandemic, Arbour Lake Community Association was supported by Suburban Journal, a monthly publication that went to all the homes.   Lack of advertising revenue due to the pandemic has meant that Suburban Journal no longer publishes in Arbour Lake.

Electronic: This is our most active form of communication. We have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor accounts.  We also have the ability to send mass emails to the membership database.

Flyers: We did post flyers in the local businesses with bulletin boards.  Posting flyers on public property, like mailboxes, is prohibited.

5. Why isn’t the ALCA in the hall anymore? When Arbour Lake was founded, the original design was that the Arbour Lake Residents Association holds the head lease with the City of Calgary, and the Arbour Lake Community Association held a sub lease with the Residents Association.  For various reasons, in 2014 the Community Association voted to exit the sub lease and sever all ties to the building and the Resident’s Association.  This has had both benefits and challenges.


  • no costs or added time commitment related to operating the hall
  • lower insurance without having a building
  • more distinct separation between the identities and financial responsibilities of the Residents Association and the Community Association


  • lost revenue from hall rentals and daycare
  • finding a space to hold meetings or activities, especially indoor activities
  • without a physical location many community members do not even know that a Community Association exists.

The head lease with the City of Calgary requires the Residents Association to allow for some designated use by not-for-profit organizations. However, the current Community Association board has no intention of pursuing the possibility of renegotiating terms of a sub lease with the Resident’s Association, or of obtaining its own lease with the City of Calgary.

If Arbour Lake is going to maintain a Community Association, it is time for some fresh faces and enthusiasm.  We hope you will consider this large, but important and rewarding commitment.

If you are interested in this challenging, but rewarding volunteer opportunity, email us at  We will collect names and positions you are interested in filling, and then organize a meeting in the fall of 2022.