2021 Playground Parade

2021 Playground Parade

Weather permitting, enjoy some fresh air with ring toss, lawn darts, Frisbee, playground fun and treats.

Parker the Bear and an ALCA volunteer will be visiting a few different Arbour Lake playgrounds this summer.

Please note this is NOT a supervised activity. If your children are not old enough to attend the playground on their own, please be prepared to stay with them.

Dates and Locations:

  • Location #1: Saturday July 3 @10am at Arbour Lake School
Arbour Lake School playground
Arbour Lake School

  • Location #2 Saturday, July 17 @10am at Arbour Crest Rd
Arbour Crest Rd
  • Location #3: Saturday, August 7 @10am at Arbour Ridge Park NW
Arbour Ridge Park
  • We have not yet determined if there will be a 4th location this year.
  • Thank you for joining us!