During this exceptionally hard time we want to help bring Arbour Lake Community together and lift each other up.

GOAL:  Arbour Lake Adopt-a-Neighbour group is to connect those in need to volunteers who want to help. The focus will be on seniors, those with reduced mobility and anyone in a high-risk group in our community. 

 *Adopt A Neighbour is a 100% ZERO CONTACT assistance program fully run by volunteers.  For Arbour Lake residents only.  Outside Arbour Lake can contact     Abuse/misuse will not be tolerated.

SERVICES: What can I ask for help with?

  • Pickup/Delivery (groceries, prescriptions).
  • General Help (dog walking, yard work, snow shovelling, handyperson services outside your home) Essential services only.
  • Social Support (visit on the phone/video)

UNAVAILABLE: What kinds of services are not allowed?

  • Childcare
  • Cleaning
  • Banking
  • Provide Shelter
  • Money Lending
  • Non-essential work

How to request assistance or volunteer to help:

  1. Use the “Contact Us” form on this website(please state if you are asking for assistance or want to help someone in need)
  2. Visit the Arbour Lake Community Association Facebook page @arbourlakeca and join the “Adopt A Neighbour Group” stating if you are willing to volunteer of if you would like assistance. Arbour Lake resident, Nicole, has volunteered to run this group and match volunteers with help requests.
  3. Email

 Sincere thanks for all the volunteers who are making this initiative possible.

Tips for those requesting help:

  • If possible, order and pay for groceries and prescriptions on-line
  • If you require the volunteer to pay for your items, please reimburse once your items have been delivered and you are given the receipt
  • Volunteers have not been vetted by Arbour Lake Community Association. The Community Association will collect their contact information.

 Tips for volunteers:

  • If you need to purchase items for someone, provide them with the receipt for payment. Discuss how payment will be made ahead of time.
  • You are not charging for your services. The only money you should be given will be to reimburse purchases.
  • Always look after your own health and well being